5 Things To Do in Chattanooga

A few weekends ago we decided to take a day trip up to Chattanooga. I wanted to explore this city and enjoy a change of scenery. Fortunately, my brother-in-law lives just outside of the city so we were able to enjoy some local favorites instead of just touristy things. It is such a beautiful and fun city, especially being up in the mountains. If you want a weekend or one-day getaway, check this city out!

1. Urban Stack

My BIL suggested all the food places to us, which I loved. He knows I have a gluten allergy so he knew all the best places for me. It’s worth mentioning that he is vegan, so these places cater to that too. And Urban Stack did not disappoint. GREAT burgers (yes, they have GF buns), fantastic service, and a cool atmosphere. Not expensive and definitely a must! I got the hamburguesa mamacita and it was divine 🙂

Urban Stack

Urban Stack 1

Sorry for the flash, I try to avoid it but it was dark in there. Still awesome atmosphere though!

2. Taco Mamacita

We came here for dinner (Urban Stack was for lunch). They offer corn tortillas and a fun variety/twist on traditional tacos. The decor is fun and there’s just a relaxing environment to this place. They also have locations in Nashville and Sullivan’s Island. I got the taco royale and the carribbean jerk tacos and highly recommend them. Beware though – I was stuffed after just two tacos.

Taco Mamacita

Taco Mamacita 2

3. Lookout Mountain

Ok now comes the super touristy stuff. There’s three different attractions to go to at Lookout Mountain. I did the Incline Railway and Ruby Falls when I was younger so I wanted to try at least something new. The Incline Railway is really neat and slightly scary. I still would recommend it! However, hubby and I decided to do Ruby Falls and Rock City (yes, that thing that’s on all those red bird houses). Honestly, I would skip Ruby Falls. We waited an hour and a half just for our turn and the only exciting part of the hour-long tour is the six minutes you get to look at the waterfall. While it is neat that there’s a waterfall in a cave…just look at my picture and you’ll be good. On the other hand, definitely try out Rock City. You walk around the place (self-guided) and it is fun. Perfect for a family or just by yourself. Going on top of Lover’s Leap (picture below) is unnerving a little but absolutely breathe-taking. You can see mountains from seven states and eat up there too.

Ruby Falls

Rock City Gardens

Rock City

Do you see the “little” red bird house they have conveniently built there??

Rock City Wedding

GAWGEOUS place for a wedding. Obviously, this couple agrees as well ❤

Rock City Lover's Leap 2

Lover’s Leap

Rock City Lover's Leap

Rock City Bridge

4. Walnut Street Bridge/Coolidge Park/Clumpies Ice Cream

Walk this bridge just before sunset. As you will see below, the view of the sun setting above the river was AMAZING. Near the entrance of the bridge is Coolidge Park where they had a huge, and I mean huge, screen set up with a movie playing. On either side of the bridge are streets like a typical downtown with neat boutiques and restaurants. On the side of the bridge where Coolidge Park is located is a delicious ice cream shop called Clumpies. The second you walk in you breath-in the delicious smell of sugar (yes I am a future diabetic). I got the chocolate chocolate chunk ice cream and loved it. It was fun to walk around the streets eating my ice cream while my husband caught a ridiculous amount of Pokemon.

Walnut Street Bridge


Clumpies Ice Cream 2

Clumpies Ice Cream 3

Clumpies Ice Cream 4

Yup, they make their own waffle cones.

Clumpies Ice Cream

I can’t even.

5. Chattanooga Brewing Co.

My sister-in-law actually suggested this place to my husband and I awhile ago. I had kept it in my mind since then and was glad we went. The location is right across the street from the Chattanooga Futbol Club stadium and we stopped by after a game. There are some serious fans that hang out at the Brewing Co. The players go there to chill after the game as well and the camaraderie is fantastic. My husband loved every beer he tried and the locals there were very friendly.

Chattanooga Brewing Company

If you end up trying out any of these places, or at least going to Chattanooga let me know. I would love to hear your thoughts and if you enjoyed it!